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Healing with
Goddess Codes


Fenix is the best energy healing practitioner that I’ve experienced, life changing!

She made me feel very welcomed and comfortable while she performed energy healing on me. Through out the process of my session, Fenix was very attentive to my energy field, and where I needed the most healing. Overall I released what didn’t serve me, and feel one with myself. Thank you again Fenix, such a divine soul!

Natalie, NYC

Strong as a Goddess

Jackie, Brooklyn, NY

I started working with Fenix because I fell into a severe depression after a miscarriage. I was overeating and binge eating to soothe the depression and I knew that this was something that would hurt my health if I continued but I felt unable to break the cycle on my own. Fenix has an uncanny ability to call in the exact Goddess/God/Angel/Archangel/Diety that would be most helpful to heal you on any given day. We worked with Beings from many traditions: Hathor, Yemanya, Archangel Metratron, Celtic faeries, a Goddess from Lemuria, and the messages that came through were always exactly what I needed to hear. Some were profound and spiritual in nature, and some were suggestions for essential oils, healing stones or dietary shifts. The healing work that we did together also helped me reconnect with repressed memories that were crucial to remember to heal traumatic childhood events. During each session, Fenix is your guide into unseen realms, the human microphone to the various spirit guides that surround you. Her gift of clairvoyance plus her deep feeling compassionate nature make her sessions incredibly healing on many levels. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in energetic healing and getting to the true roots of physical and emotional disorders give this a try. 

Leslie O., CA
Fenix has a keen intuitive ability to see where the body needs assurance to flex, stretch, strengthen to heal & push through hiden blockages, we often miss.
Francheska, NYC

Prior to receiving reiki from Fenix, I explained to her how stuck I had been in my head about the past or future & how my energy felt stagnant & low. During the session, I started to feel emotions and thoughts come up that I felt I needed to release. After the session I felt super present & light & immediately the next day I felt all my energy at the gym flowing through my body & I felt extremely energized. I realized after healing with Fenix that my energy had risen & noticed myself staying present more often. If I was not present I’ll acknowledge that & remind myself to stay present. Thank you so much for an amazing session Fenixl.

You are appreciated.

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