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Image by Alex Diaz


I have hereditary scoliosis ( energetically it's generational trauma)
I have finally felt healing in my spine!!!
I'm 43 yrs old. I struggles with functional movement within my spine- and i feel the physical healing!
During our embodiment meditations of coming back into the body- the unacknowledged rage that was stuck in my spine/ sacral space  moved!  I have practiced many different modalities to focus on that specific space- it was the physical ecstatic movement that was needed to shake it up!
And up it went!
I felt safe to be seen and..
Healing has jumped triple bounds!
My life, relationships with my family and self are magnified by the ripple effects of the functional training I have been doing with Rachel. It's deep as you allow it to go.
That's truly a personal choice, how deep your want to heal and connect with your greatest gifts & hidden secrets.
Amazingly- this is all done all online since I am I Cananda. It amazing how much intentional movements and self discipline to do the work has brought me.


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