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healing with

Shit Happens.








Mindset Blocks

Lack of Clarity & Mental Focus

Childhood Trauma

Past/Parallel Life Trauma

Dis-ease in the Body

Lets face it, we have all experienced our own little cocktail of the above.


Using the energy of The Sun & The Earth
Let’s work together to RISE UP.


The Sun • Yang • Shiva Energy

This is a transformative journey where the Goddess illuminates the path before you. Say goodbye to feeling stuck and without a purpose. This transmission will liberate you and bring you the

clarity & "ah-ha" moments you need.

The transmission is more than just a reading to tap into career, health, relationtionships, and much more.

You will receive detailed steps and information on how to align to your highest Goddess timeline & highest Goddess self: your highest frequency & timeline.

Physical transformation and spiritual transformation are not that different. They both need the structure, the check-ins, the dedication and

consciously devoted time to see results.


The Goddesses can be tender and caring like a mother nurturing you or fierce and activating like a Warrioress.

They will give you stamina and easy steps to

realize your highest potential!


The Earth • Yin • Shakti Energy

These sessions are divinely orchestrated with

assistance from God Source, your Higher Self,

your Spirit Team of Angels, Galactic Beings,

your Guides, Ancestors-

and of course, the Goddesses!

Our spirit team will guide us through a journey where

the perfect Goddess, most needed for your

healing will present Herself.

We will be clearing and deprogramming each

major energy center from parasites, blocks,

childhood traumas, past/parallel lives, and anything

else that does not serve you.

Using the energy of the healing Goddess Codes

each of your energy centers will receive a potent Activation and Expansion.

The Goddess & your Spirit Team will show you what's needed for your highest good in that moment. Know that these healings carry the frequency of the mother, her calm & soft presence will be felt and allow old traumas and memories may resurface in order to be healed for your highest good. 

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Receive the
Goddess Codes

Preparation Guidelines

It is recommended to practice a

"mini dieta" before you receive healing with Goddess Codes as they are highly activating and potent. It is advised to prepare the body to receive these high frequencies.

3 days before your appointment, please refrain from the consumption of alcohol & drugs. Fuel your body with high vibrational, nutrient-dense foods. e mindful of the content that you consume (environment, social media, music, etc.)

It is recommended to hold the dieta for 3-5 days of integration after the session-allow Spirit to guide you to hold for as long as needed.

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